Mechanical Production

We are the experts in the development and construction of complex machinery and equipment for the glass industry.

Thanks to our extensive machinery and manufacturing know-how, we offer first-class metal processing for our mechanical engineering.


We process high-quality and diverse materials from stainless steel, steel and aluminum to various plastics and non-ferrous metals such as brass and copper.

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Milling metalworking

At our 5-axis machining center, we can realize a wide variety of components. As a clamping device we have a variety of variants available.

There are also round clamping means used to allow further processing of turned parts.

Turn metalworking

We produce turned parts fully automatically from the bar up to a diameter of 80mm. The prefabricated parts are removed by a collecting tray, which removes the workpieces from the work area

Laser cutting

We use the fiber laser technology.

This technology enables the cutting of metal up to a thickness of 25mm with a 4kW laser source.

The fully automated loading of the laser system by a compactloader ensures efficient production and optimized material flow through the production.

Automatisiertes Laserzentrum
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Bevel metalworking

With our press we bend 1300kN sheets up to a length of 3230mm.

The CNC bending machine we use achieves the required degree of accuracy with the CNC control and the process reliability through the support of a 3D software control.

The integrated tactile workpiece measurement ensures consistently high quality.

Steel construction and welding

From simple welding work to the most complex welded constructions is all possible. The integrated cranes in the welding cabins allow us  even heavy structures to realize.

The specified constructions are manufactured precisely to the highest quality  and standards.

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