Seaming and Grinding Machine | systron esX

vertikale Säumanalge mit Umfangswerkzeug

The systron esX is a vertical glass seaming and grinding machine which follows the glass edge by a soft touch guidance system. Due to the rigid machine design, machining of contours, inside and outside radii can be performed with shortest cycle times. Patented systems are assuring the highest edge quality. The barrier-free design allows the operator a ergonomically optimal working position and easy access to all machine components.


New standards in seaming and grinding glass contours.

  • Edge grinding and seaming can be performed without tool exchange
  • No mechanical touch during processing coated glass
  • Grinding head follows the glass contur also in case of unequal breakage
  • Floating tool spindle


  • Glass thicknesses 4 – 12 mm without tool exchange
  • Max. grinding speed 30 m/min
  • Corner dubbing at maximum seaming speed
  • Automatic sheet measurement

  • Tool package width up till 58 mm
  • Various tool profiles possible
  • One tool package for all glass thicknesses from 4 till 12 mm
  • Flexible processing spindle is self-adapting to the grinding contour
  • Torque control of the machining spindle
  • Processing of complex shapes
  • Tool diameter 200 mm


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