Edge Processing Centre | systron pro

Bearbeitungszentrum | systron proHD

The systron pro, is a vertical glass processing centre for external contours.
The machining of contours can be performed with the highest precision and
shortest cycle time due to the solid construction and the use of our patented systems


New standards in edge processing:

The possibilities offered by the systron pro include the following features:

  • Minimal machining tolerances,
  • No machining restrictionson om  external contours and special shapes
  • No set-up times between different glass thicknesses and types
  • Very stiff, vibration-free construction allows the highest processing quality also at oblique edges or radii


  • Chain magazine for 50 tool holders – up to 100 tools
  • Massive machine base frame
  • Clamping beam equiped with suction cups

  • automatic positioning of the glass sheets, also for special shapes
  • contineously protected suction cups
  • no mechanical contact at machining coated glass surfaces
  • intuitive graphical machine interface enables easy operation of the system
  • Constant polishing quality by precisely controlled polishing pressure
  • vibration-free machining prevents chipping
  • arris parallelism guaranteed by patentend waterpillow guidance
  • high pressure tool cooling over the entire tool circumference


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